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MoveGB joins OpenActive initiative

Here at Move, we are passionate about finding innovative ways to get more people, more active.

For us, digital technology provided a means to do that and continues to be at the heart of our model.

Now, it’s increasingly clear that unlocking the power of the data at our fingertips is a critical means of understanding what our Move customers and our Partners want.

The data holds the key to understanding how we can grow our sector.

We also strongly believe that working openly and collaboratively in our industry is crucial, not just for our own success - but for the success of everyone.

That’s why we have been excited to join the OpenActive initiative. Stewarded by the Open Data Institute (ODI), this growing community of sport and physical activity organisations and individuals is sharing data and technological know-how to help people get active across the board.

As Richard Norris, the OpenActive Programme Lead says, “By helping activity providers open up their timetable data, and by encouraging innovators to use that data, the sector is making it easier for people to find opportunities to be physically active. ” We wholeheartedly agree.

EveryoneActive, one of our brilliant MoveGB Partners, is using the OpenActive data standard and together we have just completed a timetable sync.

This has a double benefit: reducing the manual overhead of keeping EveryoneActive timetables sync’d with our platform; and makes the customer booking experience simpler, more convenient and easier.

This is a great example of leveraging shared data resource to mutual benefit.

We’re excited to continue to look for more ways of working with our Partners and leveraging the OpenActive initiative to get more people, more active in 2019.

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