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Red Raion to premier Peter Pan - Saving Tinkerbell at DEAL 2019

VR movie production company Red Raion is thrilled to announce that it will be exhibiting at the Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure show 2019.

For the second time the company will be exhibiting with hardware partner Ferretti International, a leader in media-based attractions in the Middle East.

Red Raion will premiere its newest edition, Peter Pan - Saving Tinkerbell, on Ferretti’s “Gravity 360-degrees” simulator, as well as showcase its other content, including: Pinocchio - a Modern Tale, Aztec, and Inferno.

Peter Pan – Saving Tinkerbell is a CGI ride film that reinterprets the much-loved classic for the attractions industry. A film designed for families, visitors follow the boy who never grew up as he attempts to try and save his fairy best friend, Tinkerbell.

Red Raion’s reimagining of this classic story begins with evil Captain Hook kidnapping Tinkerbell to use her fairy dust! The audience is then taken on an adventure across Neverland with the boy who never grew up, as he tries to save Tinkerbell, all while dodging cannonballs fired from the pirate’s ship.

The ride culminates in a dramatic showdown between Peter Pan and Captain Hook in a skull-shaped cave, with a cameo appearance from the hungry crocodile.

Visitors to DEAL 2019 can experience the film, alongside Red Raion’s other content in Hall 3 Booth #C139.

Click here if you’ll be attending DEAL 2019 and would like to arrange a meeting with Red Raion about how the right content can really add value to your attraction you.

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