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EXF on creating the ultimate combat area

In recent years, combat exercise has increased in popularity among contemporary gym-users.

Previously exclusive to serious boxing gyms, cage fighting venues and kick boxing clubs, combat fitness has evolved into a genuine source of revenue that attracts customers for modern mainstream gyms. It is, however, difficult to make best use of combat space.

Combat fitness spaces are very rarely similar, and range from a four m x six m (13ft x 20ft) roped boxing canvas, to a spacious and bright exercise studio, ideal for Bodycombat classes of more than 40 people. However, there is one thing that these spaces all have in common, they are bespoke, specific and most importantly cater to the needs of the gym and its users.
Despite the variety, there are generally three considerations which all gym operators should consider when creating a combat zone at their facility:

Know your space

Modern gyms, particularly in urban areas, are strapped for space. If you’re contemplating installing large punch bags, consider how it fits into your space. At Third Space City their bags exist on a rail, created by our in-house design team, which can filter bags in and out of their combat area. This type of innovation is installed as a result of operator’s possessing high levels of understanding of space.

Know your customer base

The truth is a seven-day-a-week Boxercise class doesn’t work for every individual. It is important to understand your clienteles’ likelihood of participating in a combat training session. Some simple research on your regular gym users’ habits will give you a feel for the type of area which suits your members.

Plan ahead

As the greatest combat sportsman of all time said, "Don’t count the days; make the days count." Muhammad Ali’s great words on preparation apply to planning your combat zone. It is important you do not simply fit your facility with combat equipment. You must consider how many pads to buy, for example, what protective gear you should acquire, what storage you might require for your kit and which types of flooring you need to supplement combat space.

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