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Raptor launches Tac20 training vest

Raptor, a manufacturer of weight-training vests, has launched the Raptor Tac20, a new three-in-one multifuctional training vest.

Billed as the ultimate training vest experience, the vest is described as an optimal physical load carrying system and is designed to securely fit most wearers whilst allowing for maximum comfort and mobility. It consists of securely modulated weight compartments that allow for safe weight distribution.

The vest is designed to withstand wear and tear, and features an anti-bacterial liner that can be removed for washing.

Other features include an anchor system to be used with bungee cord and rubber band training, while a heavy duty towing harness can be used in sled, prowler and tyre training.

Rod Mann, CEO of Raptor Weight Vests says: "Our aim has always been, and continues to be, to deliver products that meet the high standards of quality, performance, durability and functionality expected from us by our diverse clientele."

"We simply can't just make something that looks good, a product's success is ultimately judged on its performance."

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