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Lemi's Portofino bed unites comfort and functionality

Italian wellness equipment supplier Lemi has launched not one but two new multi-functional treatment tables, the Portofino and Portofino Evo.

The company's answer to industry demand for lower tables, the Portofino tables stand at just 49 cm (19.2") tall, with adjustable height, and are designed to guarantee both client and therapist comfort whilst optimising work space.

Combining comfort and functionality, both tables feature independent electric motors that control the height, back, leg and headrests, as well as customisable mattresses (on request), and fire-resistant upholstery coverings with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Featuring a wooden cabinet base with storage drawer, the Portofino boasts the American headrest with face hole, and both the AUT and END functions, which automatically return the bed to zero - flat and minimum height - and end of treatment positions.

The Portofino Evo is billed as the ideal solution for multi-use rooms and features Lemi's HBS stress relief system, which features integrated adjustable arm rests and a headrest with facehole, ergonomically designed to support the client's head, back and shoulders.

Matteo Brusaferri, general manager of Lemi, says: "Each product is never just a purely technical element but becomes a furnishing complement, harmoniously integrated into the workplace, thus increasing its usability. Portofino and Portofino Evo, our two latest models, are perfect examples of this."

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