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Phytomer video showcases brand's commitment to the sea

French marine skincare brand PHYTOMER has launched a new video demonstrating the company's commitment to creating safe, high-quality products in a way that protects and preserves the environment.

In the video some of the company's key decision-makers share their passion for the brand.

Committed to the sea

Phytomer is a French family-run product house that is passionate about the sea and its exceptional benefits for the skin.

The company promotes eco-friendly cosmetics that use locally-sourced ingredients from Brittany, while respecting both the sea and the marine farmers who supply it.

For nearly three generations, PHYTOMER has been manufacturing its products in its own laboratories in the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay in northwestern France. The research team has developed green methods for extracting the most powerful natural active molecules that can be found in the sea. These are then turned into exceptionally effective skincare products.

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Committed to the skin

As PHYTOMER creates its products entirely in its own laboratories, it can guarantee their quality.

Each wild, organic or sustainable marine ingredient used plays a specific role in ensuring safety, effectiveness and pleasure of use at all times.

With sales in over 80 countries, PHYTOMER standards meet the most stringent regulations in the world for tolerance, safety and quality.

Present in spas and salons all over the world, PHYTOMER works exclusively with licensed beauty professionals who provide quality, personalised skincare solutions.

Learn more about PHYTOMER’s commitments to the skin here

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