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New MZ-Bodyscan promotes 'a feel-good fitness experience'

Myzone has expanded its product portfolio to include the MZ-Bodyscan, a new feature which offers users a visual representation of their fitness journey.

Designed to keep users motivated, the Bodscan creates a 360-degree avatar of the user, showcasing sophisticated before and after images. Users can then access these images in the Body Metrics section in the Myzone app.

To capture the scans, trainers login to the MZ-Bodyscan app on a portable device, and scan the member's body with it, moving it 360-degrees around the body.

Myzone CEO Dave Wright says: "MZ-Bodyscan is designed to help members see and monitor their progress and is ideal for trainers to help evidence the work they do, motivating clients and providing a rewarding and feel-good fitness experience."

"It's a unique feature enhancing the Myzone family of products, producing visually stimulation results direct to the user's Myzone app," Wright adds.

MZ-Bodyscan is available to existing Myzone facilities at no extra cost to their Myzone license, facilities will simply need to purchase the scanner.

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