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16 May 2019

Beata Aleksandrowicz launches 'Ask Beata' concept
BY Lauren Heath-Jones

Beata Aleksandrowicz launches 'Ask Beata' concept

Beata Aleksandrowicz, massage expert and founder of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method, is set to launch 'Ask Beata', a new social media-led interactive concept designed to offer advice and support to spa therapists, managers and directors.

With an ultimate goal to 'expand knowledge and understanding in the wider world of wellness and wellbeing', Aleksandrowicz will share her extensive knowledge through 'Ask Beata' sessions, held on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Live and Linkedin, and will give industry professionals a space to learn and ask questions.

Aleksandrowicz said: "I decided to create the ‘Ask Beata’ sessions to share my knowledge with spa professionals in an open and interactive way. By holding these sessions online, spa therapists, spa managers and even spa directors can join in and ask about any issues they are currently facing. I’m hoping that it will be of benefit to everyone as we can all learn together."

Participants will be able to submit their questions in advance, either through Beata's website or via social media, or live during the sessions.

The first 'Ask Beata' session will take place at 12:20pm (UK time) on Friday 17 May and will cover topics such as wellness in the workplace, self-care routines, recognising and preventing burnout, changing the perception of massage, signature massage therapies, injury-free techniques, authenticity in the spa, profit vs people, the future for therapists and sexual harassment, among others.

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