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The importance of software security in spas

Taking the right measures to ensure your spa is protected from potential attackers cannot be understated in today’s world. While the topic of software security can be highly technical and somewhat confusing, aligning yourself with a spa management software such as SpaSoft can effectively eliminate vulnerabilities, while keeping your spa safe and secure at all times.

Keep your spa safe

SpaSoft has been validated as out of PA-DSS scope, which simply means that SpaSoft has completely removed all exposure to cardholder data from its environment. Therefore, there is no point within a payment’s transaction cycle that SpaSoft is exposed to a cardholder’s data. Not only does this protect your spa, helping to mitigate any potential financial losses from an attack, it also protects your spa guests who will have their information safe as well.

Reduce liability & costs

The goal at SpaSoft is to provide a software solution that is truly secure, while remaining on the cutting-edge of technology and safety trends. In doing so, their clients benefit in many ways such as lowering their exposure, which equates to lower costs and liabilities, and eliminating sensitive data, which means that there is no cardholder data compromised in the event of a network breach. In addition, less scope results in reduced overhead and management costs, as all points of access can be validated as out-of-scope.

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