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New London PT facility partners with Eleiko

WE11, a luxury co-working studio for elite freelance wellness professionals, is a stunning facility with a fully equipped gym, treatment rooms, beautiful changing rooms and The WE11 Lounge, where clients can enjoy a post-workout meal or shake.

This new boutique facility features a host of Eleiko equipment, from a row of half racks with bespoke sound and vibration reducing platforms, to branded weightlifting discs, 1-50kgs of dumbbells and benches.

The site also has the new patent pending Eleiko Öppen Deadlift bar, a new design nominated for several innovation awards, that is well received by their clients.

“Eleiko have taken a popular tool for top fitness professionals and made it their own. My experience with the Öppen Deadlift bar only confirms their best in class reputation. A few simple modifications, executed with world class engineering, have created an outstanding bar”, says Tiago Ribeiro, common purpose PT, who trains his clients at WE11.

WE11's vision for the business is to inspire and support the growth of freelance professionals by providing affordable, flexible and community-driven co-working studios across prime Central London locations.

Sam, WE11 owner, says “Our brand partnership with Eleiko was a deliberate business decision, founded upon the reputation and quality that their equipment offers. Our investment in the brand has proven positive for WE11 as our Personal Trainers have expressed their esteem for the equipment."

"We are proud to showcase the equipment and are particularly impressed by the service provided throughout, especially by Sarah Burgess, who has been a backbone for WE11 and is very knowledgeable, reliable and professional. We are happy to pay the premium in exchange for high quality experiences for our end user, a brand value which sits at the core of everything we strive to achieve here at WE11.”

Eleiko Sport Ltd is working directly with facilities across the UK, helping to design and create outstanding training spaces. For further information or to discuss your facility,

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