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Klafs improves sauna experience with Mollis

German sauna manufacturer KLAFS has created Mollis, a textile solution for saunas designed to make the sauna experience more comfortable for users.

Mollis, taken from the Latin word for 'soft' and 'comfortable', was in development for two years and features a series of mats, bolsters and cushions in a range of sizes and colours.

Made from Oeko-Tex 100-certified Tencel fibre, an eco-friendly alternative to viscose, Mollis is designed to overcome the challenges presented by a sauna - heat, moisture, etc. - whilst being practical, comfortable, hygienic, stylish and machine-washable.

Benno Kirschenhofer, corporate communications manager at KLAFS, says: "Mollis, in every regard, is simply more than just putting a pillow in the sauna. Mollis will set standards in several respects: the textiles not only look good but are unrivalled in terms of comfort and handling, just like you always wanted in the sauna."

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