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Basi Systems launches new look Ladder Barrel to save instructors time

Basi Systems, a company specialising in pilates equipment, debuted a redesign of its Ladder Barrel apparatus at FIBO.

Combining ladder rungs with a curved barrel surface, the Ladder Barrel is designed to assist with stretching, core strength and flexibility during pilates classes.

The new look combines comfort and functionality and features a curved orthopedic cushion to add comfort and support, while linear slides, offering manual adjustability, connect the barrel to the ladder.

New additions also include an expanded width and standing platform to make the barrel more accessible, while the upgraded F2 system, a spring system unique to the company, provides a range of resistance levels.

Ceylan Ucgun, founder of Basi Systems, says: "It was our priority to change the adjustment system of the Ladder Barrel to save instructors both time and effort during lessons."

"We are proud of the newly engineered one hand operating system," she adds.

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