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Myo Mirror enables clubs to provide 'smarter and more diverse' services

M20 Ltd, an electric muscle stimulation (EMS) equipment manufacturer based in Seoul, South Korea, has launched the Myo Mirror, an EMS workout platform that enables users to track their fitness journeys.

Billed as the 'future of fitness', the mirror offers a range of high-tech features including body analysis and EMS training options, as well as a workout video library and a weight scale, that enables users to track changes in their body, based on training information, weight and body composition analysis, via the smart touch mirror display.

Designed to maximise results while minimising effort for optimal training, the Myo Mirror utilises modulated mid-frequency currents to enhance, shape and tone the body.

Additionally, a mobile app enables users to track their workouts, monitor their progress and check their body composition results via their smartphone.

M20 CEO Jinkil Kim says: "The Myo Mirror allows fitness clubs to provide smarter and more diverse services to its members and will become essential equipment for operators."
Kim adds: "M20 will lead the future fitness equipment market by creating devices that collect health data and developing them to become unmanned systems to further support clubs."

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