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ShapeKAMS 'bridges the gap between static human biometric scanning and dynamic biomechanical assessment'

Shapewatch, a 3D body visualisation firm, has teamed up with Kinetisense, manufacturer of the world's first markerless human motion assessment system, to create ShapeKAMS, a dynamic movement assessment tool.

Combining Kinetisense's Advanced Movement Screen (KAMS) with Shapewatch's body scanning solution, ShapeKAMS enables club operators to offer detailed, accurate and visual accounts of key biometrics including body fat percentage, lean body mass and waist-hip ratio.

Trainers can also use the system to assess function movement, which enables used to track body changes throughout their fitness journeys.

Dr Ryan D, Comeau, CEO & co-founder of Kinetisense, says: "ShapeKAMS bridges the gaps between static human biometric scanning and dynamic biomechanical assessment, allowing trainers to incorporate data analytics to their assessment."

"This revolutionary system provides valuable information over the course of training and/or treatment that shows the changes in biometrics and functional movement. This allows for a deeper engagement of the client/patient, making them more compliant as they now have a data-driven compass that shows their progress. I am confident that ShapeKAMS will serve as the ultimate differentiator for our trainers," he adds.

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