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IAE: WhiteWater gets exclusive rights to SlideWheel ride in new Wiegand-Maelzer partnership

WhiteWater has announced a new agreement with partner Wiegand-Maelzer, that will give WhiteWater exclusive license rights to, and become the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the German water slide supplier's award-winning SlideWheel attraction.

The news follows the landmark partnership between the companies which was announced at EAS in Amsterdam last September.

A rotating water slide, the SlideWheel, which has already been installed at Chimelong Paradise in Guangzho, China, is one of the first of its kind and consists of a number of intertwined water slides that rotate on a wheel. Inspired by the iconic Ferris Wheel, it was designed to create a brand new water ride experience and features dynamic motion, such as backwards sliding, strong G-forces and pendulum movements, which make the ride feel it lasts twice as long as it actually does.

Additionally, the ride's unique configuration can define a park's skyline, which could be considered a marketing bonus for the park.

It has already won multiple awards including the IAAPA Impact Award, a Brass Ring Award, a THEA Award and a Leading Edge Award.

WhiteWater has also announced that Rainer Maelzer has joined the company as a consultant. Maelzer was part of the team that created SlideWheel and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the water slide and water park industries, gleaned from his 12-year tenure as CEO of Wiegand-Maelzer.

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