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30 Jul 2019

New sustainable spa certification launches
BY Jane Kitchen

New sustainable spa certification launches

Vios Spa Group has launched a US-based certification programme for “green” spas. A global spa certification designed specifically for spas and offered by spa veterans, the Vios Certified Sustainable Spa global programme aims to assess and recognise leading spas with sustainability best practices and quality standards.

The programme’s founder, Shelley Lotz, is the author of Green Spas and Salons: How to Make Your Business Truly Sustainable (2013), and a former board member of the Green Spa Network with more than 25 years of experience in the spa, wellness and beauty industries as an owner, aesthetician, and educator, and is also a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor.

This third-party certification is designed to help spas showcase their initiatives, enhance their operations and gain recognition for their efforts.

And as the program expands, consumers can be visit to find spas that have had their commitment to eco-conscious practices validated.

The certification programme is available to all types and sizes of spas and is offered via a two-day, on-site assessment that looks at 200 specific criteria.

Offered to all spas, including day, hotel/resort & destination spas, Vios focusses on spa operations -- reviewing both “front of house” and behind the scenes, such as services, supplies, and use of green, clean skincare and body treatment brands.

VCSS also offers consulting and certification training for staff engagement.

“We understand how much effort it takes to create a spa with eco standards,” said Lotz. “Our new certification programme has been meticulously designed to not only recognise those establishments, but to also inspire and educate spas in ways they can go green. And now consumers will have a way to find and experience verified spas who care about people's health as well as keeping the planet healthy.”

Vios’ third-party assessors are spa and sustainability professionals, with extensive experience in spa management, education, green business, and certification.

Besides Lotz, the founding team of spa reviewers includes Bonnie Baker, co-founder of Satteva Spa & Wellness Concepts, a consultant based in Mexico, who is also the president of the Green Spa Network. Vios’ operations manager is Kari Brayman, a strategic branding and digital marketing expert with direct experience in the non-profit, organic food & beverage and hospitality industries.

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