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Incorpore: Creating a fitter, happier and more productive workforce

Inactivity is described by The Department of Health as the ‘silent killer’ of our generation, so it’s no surprise then that Incorpore’s mission is to dramatically increase the promotion and uptake of physical and mental wellness in the workplace in the UK.

James Shillaker, MD of Incorpore, believes every employee should have access to a company wellness programme, because we know healthy employees are good for business.

“Exercise isn’t just a preventative medical tool – it also improves energy levels, morale, productivity, resilience, concentration and reduces aches and pains. It’s as important to our workforce as any other health and safety legislation,” he said.

Why work with us?

Incorpore is a leading fitness and wellness company which has been successfully delivering solutions to thousands of companies since 2001. The UK’s most popular gym network serves 6 million employees from 2,000 corporate clients and its health and wellness solutions are for companies of all sizes, irrespective of location and employee headcount.

Its portfolio of services is designed to increase activity levels via gym memberships. Its two products are: GymFlex, which offers corporate paid up front annual memberships that the company pay and deduct from the employee’s salary, and My Gym Discounts, which offers a corporate self-paid membership scheme.

GymFlex and My Gym Discounts are FREE for clubs to join and there’s no hidden cost, Incorpore promises to get you more gym memberships. By offering your lowest corporate rate, it will promote your club to thousands of the UK and Ireland’s largest employers.

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