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06 Aug 2019

Red Door Spa rebrands to Mynd
BY Jane Kitchen

Red Door Spa rebrands to Mynd

After more than 100 years in the spa industry, US-based Red Door Salon & Spa has undergone a comprehensive rebrand and will now be known as Mynd Spa & Salon.

Mynd Spa & Salon will have a new look and feel, signifying an opportunity to grow and evolve the brand, expand service offerings, and partner with additional and innovative product lines, the company said.

It will offer a streamlined menu of tailor-made beauty and wellness services featuring the same seven self-care areas – massage therapy, body treatments, skincare, nail care, haircut and color, makeup, and waxing – at the company's 26 locations nationwide.

New retail brands from female- and family-owned businesses, including cosmetics companies Rodial and Delilah and skincare brands Babor and Dr Dennis Gross, will be introduced in-store and online.

The company said that Mynd believes that beauty is intrinsically connected to wellness – both of the body and of the mind – and is dedicating itself to using its resources to support guests' overall wellbeing, not simply their outward appearance.

Realising the life-changing potential of personalised self-care, Mynd invites guests to "drown out the noise" of the stressors and influences around them and find the path that's unapologetically right for them.

"In a world where self-care is an increasingly vital need – where the cause-and-effect between self-care and health and wellness is so clear – we're thrilled to offer services that have the ability to tangibly improve our guests' lives," said Todd Walter, Mynd’s CEO. "While proudly embracing our roots as The Red Door – more than 100 years in the spa and salon space – we're excited by the far-reaching potential of this evolution of the brand. With new product lines and services, an introspective articulation of our core values -- and new values -- and an innovative focus on personalising self-care, we're looking forward to supporting our loyal and ever-growing community."

The existing 26 locations will undergo renovations in waves separated by region, to be completed in 2020. At the renewed Mynd Spa & Salon, guests can expect to see a soothing colour palette, warm textures, and airy spaces.

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