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Fashionizer Spa: The benefits of organic cotton in luxury spa uniforms

Choosing the right uniform for your spa team starts with the right fabric. That choice will influence the style, comfort and durability of your clothing, but with the right knowledge your choice of materials can make a bigger difference than ever before as they can also enhance your sustainability credentials.

Specialist spa uniform designers, Fashionizer Spa, have always had a particular love for sustainable, natural fabrics, especially organic cotton. It’s eco-friendly, breathable and controls body temperature, making it comfortable and stylish.

However, knowing that spa uniforms need to work as hard as the therapists that wear them, Fashionizer Spa creates their own materials, including their exclusive Cotton Performance Fabric (CPF). It has all the benefits and luxury feel of organic cotton, but it’s combined with Lycra® and other fibres to meet the needs of modern spa teams.

Launched in 2008 both the ready to wear collection and custom-made designs have been popular with many spas focused on their sustainability credentials such as Blue Lagoon, Six Senses Spas and Aman Spa.

The benefits of Cotton Performance Fabric

- It draws sweat away from the skin for comfort while working.
- Lycra® creates elasticity making it flexible and easy to wear.
- It’s an easy care and low maintenance fabric requiring minimal ironing.
- It creates a presentable and a professional look whilst still being natural and eco-friendly.
- The addition of Silverplus® antibacterial treatment helps to prevent stains.
- Antibacterial treatments also help uniforms to stay fresh and odour free for longer.

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