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Airofit trains vital lung capacity for better athletic performance

Airofit, a Denmark-based perfomance equipment company, has developed a respiratory trainer that it claims can boost athletic performance by up to eight per cent.

Also called Airofit, the trainer combines breathing apparatus with an app that enables users to track their training and progress.

The breathing trainer, which users hold in their mouths via a mouthguard, measures breathing volume, strength and patterns during exercise, users can then access this data via the app.

It is designed to enable users to manually adjust the resistance to their required physical needs or preference, while the app offers a range of customisable breathing exercises, each offering different benefits to the user, that enables the user to choose the intensity and duration of their training.

The company claims that with regular use the Airofit trainer can increase lung capacity, improve respiratory strength, boost anaerobic tolerance enable athletes to perform at a higher level for longer.

In addition it can improve breathing control, reduce stress, decrease recovery times and boost circulation.

Airofit CEO Christian Tullberg Poulsen says: “With Airofit, people can train their vital lung capacity, lung muscle and anaerobic tolerance. Thus, they can achieve better performance and have a better life. That is how we create better breathing to the world.”

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