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TVS overhauls netball and tennis courts at Hilbre High School

After a number of years without maintenance or refurbishment, the tennis and netball courts at Hilbre High school in West Kirby had fallen into a state of disrepair. The surface was clogged with mud, vegetation and loose chippings and the remnants of older line markings crisscrossing the courts were confusing and hard for players to distinguish. Even newer thermoplastic markings were in a cracked and failing state in places making the surface difficult to play on.

TVS prepared the surface with specialist chemicals to loosen debris and kill off moss and algae so it could be fully pressure cleaned to ensure a stable base from which to start repairs. A separate contractor heated and removed some of the thermoplastic markings and TVS repaired the damage using resin aggregate patching to ensure uniform bounce characteristics and guarantee a good standard of play.

Lines were reinstated using a thicker, textured paint to even out cracks and imperfections before both the new markings and surface were fully coated in a textured, porous acrylic layer. This new look allows for clear game lines and a much better standard of play.

The new courts allow for clear game lines and a much better standard of play

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