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Online booking: A real difference-maker for spas

Today’s guests not only appreciate the ability to book online at their favorite spa, but they have come to expect it. Taking it a step further, savvy guests are always looking for a simple and seamless online booking process, while being able to book from a device that is convenient to them. Enter SpaSoft, a leading spa management software, which allows spas to provide their guests with a streamlined and intuitive online booking experience.

A truly mobile online booking experience

SpaSoft enables spas to accommodate both online and mobile booking. Guests can perform tasks such as checking availability, booking appointments and even purchasing e-certificates in real-time using a web browser on their desktop or mobile device. With the ability to book appointments at any time, and from anywhere, along with personalised upsell opportunities, guest satisfaction will increase while directly improving your bottom line.

Customise your guests’ experience

With SpaSoft’s cloud-based online booking solution, you can easily customise your online offerings to suit the needs of your spa business. With the ability to choose which services are available for online booking, you can customise which availability options are shown and how much lead time is needed. Take complete control over the online booking process, while enhancing the overall experience for your guests.

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