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While you take care of your guests, Book4Time takes care of you and your business

Choosing the best wellness business management software can mean the difference between success and failure. There’s a lot riding on this decision.

Good software should do a lot of things: web and mobile appointment booking, staff and payroll management, inventory and revenue management, marketing and customer retention, managing your business intelligence and reporting, and keeping your data secure.

Don’t compromise on any of these. Each plays a crucial role in business success. Book4Time’s innovative technology does all of these, and more, which is why Book4Time is the preferred wellness technology solution for the world’s largest and most prestigious spa, beauty and wellness brands on a global scale.

A good spa management software company must have top notch customer service

Another thing your business management software company should do is take care of you. Your spa software should come with a responsive customer service team that is available to answer your questions and address issues quickly and efficiently.

We know this level of service can be hard to find. We hear the stories from frustrated people seeking an alternative to the unresponsive companies that can barely be bothered to acknowledge them when they have a system issue.

Does this sound familiar? There’s not even a number to call – you have to send an email – or if there’s a number, you leave a voicemail and it takes a day, or several days, for them to even call you back. Meanwhile, your system isn’t working, which affects everything about your customer experience and your business.

Book4Time responds, because your business is our business

When companies make the switch to Book4Time they immediately see the difference in our service and in our rapid response times. Our clients feel that they matter – often for the first time – and they can continue to operate their businesses, seamlessly and without interruption. Plus, Book4Time boasts a 99.99 per cent uptime, meaning you’ll probably never experience an outage, anyway.

Find a software company that takes customer service seriously, like Book4Time.

While you take care of your guests, we take care of you and your business.

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