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Enhance your guest experience and profitability through practical training

Empower your team to drive profit through exceptional guest experiences and operational acumen with Spa Professional – a comprehensive online training program.

Spa Professional, created by Lobster Ink in collaboration with Resense, will help your team to manage your spa and its resources more effectively, and provide them with the confidence and skill to position your property at the forefront of a rapidly growing wellness market.

Combining Lobster Ink’s experience in delivering return on investment through technology-enhanced learning with Resense’s expertise in developing successful and enduring wellness and spa solutions, this interactive online curriculum delivers fit-for-purpose training for every role in the spa.

Spa Professional’s nine-course curriculum is divided into four targeted Learning Paths. This ensures that every team member—from therapists to receptionists, attendants, managers and directors—are empowered with the necessary knowledge to genuinely engage with guests, reduce costs and maximise commercial value.

“The lack of skilled management and qualified spa staff has been a well-known industry threat for many years,” said Kasha Shillington, CEO Resense Spas. “By creating a high-quality, accessible training solution for every role, we are trying to solve a real industry challenge for the future.”

The curriculum is supported by a collection of customisable templates and resources, designed to assist managers in the day-to-day running of their spa. This combination of fit-for-purpose training and easy-to-implement operational tools and templates represents a powerful shift in the approach to spa training.

Complement your team’s passion for wellness with practical training and tools that drive profit with Spa Professional.

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