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Power Plate launches new range of vibration training equipment

Power Plate has launched a new collection of premium targeted vibration training equipment.

The collection debuted at MOVE, an exclusive event held by Power Plate to celebrate it's twentieth anniversary in fitness. It's designed for users of all abilities and consists of three products - the Power Plate Pulse, the Power Plate DualSphere and the Power Plate Roller - designed to assist to in both training and recovery.

The Power Plate Pulse is a handheld massager offering four vibration intensity levels and six different attachments, while the DualSphere is designed to deliver concentrated massage to hard to reach areas at four different intensities. Completing the line up is the Power Plate Roller, which is designed to enhance foam rolling and boasts four vibration speeds and an oscillation mode.

Lee Hillman, CEO of Performance Health Systems, owner of Power Plate, says: "For 20 years we have helped people drastically improve their mobility, strength and flexibility more efficiently and effectively through whole body vibration training on the Power Plate."

"Now, we're extending our long-standing expertise and wealth of knowledge in applying the benefits of vibration to game-changing portable targeted vibration products, that will vastly improve the lives of people worldwide," Hillman adds.

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