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Auster training system combines functional training and gymnastic exercise

Auster, a supplier of premium bodyweight training equipment, has launched a new modular functional training system, called the Auster System, that combines dynamic resistance training with gymnastic exercise and traditional suspension training.

The system offers numerous exercise options

The system consists of a special anchor, the Auster Anchor, that features a patented dual-carabiner, that connects to the different training components.

It is designed so that the training attachments can be easily connected and disconnected, and also enables a level of customisation, with operators and trainers being able to choose from power straps, dynamic bands and power rings to create numerous exercise options.

Auster CEO Andrew Siu says: "As the manufacturer of TRX for more than 10 years I wanted to create equipment that surpasses user expectations in both aesthetic and experience."

"The Auster System is an unlimited functional training tool combining some of the most exciting fitness disciplines popular today. Auster is a brand with innovation at its core," he adds.

The Auster System starts at £35 for the anchor and is available in 10 colour ways, while the attachments and adjustors are made from aerospace-grade aluminium, to prevent rusting and discolouration.

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