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Magic Memories offers exciting guest benefits at Ruby Falls

Magic Memories, a New Zealand-based content specialist, has announced a new partnership with Ruby Falls.

Ruby Falls, located 1120 ft (365m) beneath Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is home to a series of underground cascading waterfalls, including one of the tallest and deepest underground waterfalls open to the public.

As a result of its new partnership, Ruby Falls will now offer a new digital media package for guests to purchase. It includes a video that places guests at the heart of the attraction, positioning them in front of the waterfall during a spectacular light show.

"Magic Memories' expanded multimedia options deliver exciting guest benefits, including the ability for guests to instantly access their personalised digital media content, making it easy to share in real-time on social media. Quick accessibility and the new individualised video are a great bonus for our guests, said Kara Van Brunt, senior director of Operations and Strategic Development at Ruby Falls

Chris Warhurst, CEO at Magic Memories, said: "Ruby Falls is a completely unique and exciting attraction. The new multimedia product featured at Ruby Falls leads with the new video, increasing both guest engagement and conversion rates. Guests can now revisit their experience inside the magnificent cave with the waterfall and light show in full glory behind them."

"We are delighted with the end result, and it's extremely rewarding to see results like this from our significant technological investment into both our product and platform. The guest has always been at the centre of every Magic Memories innovation project, and Ruby Falls is our latest success story that contines to validate increases in both the desirability and viability of our efforts."

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