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Storm combines amazing guest experience with strong ROI says Triotech CEO

Storm, the new interactive VR coin-op simulator ride from Triotech, is ready to ship the company has announced.

Aimed at the FEC and LBE markets, the two-seater ride debuted at the IAAPA expo in Orlando, Florida, in November last year. It is billed as a 'one-of-a-kind' interactive gaming experience and features hand-gesture technology, that tracks riders hand movements, enabling them to interact with just the wave of a hand. According to a release the hand-gesture interactivity also drives re-playability, as players compete to beat their scores.

Other features include motion seats which move riders throughout the experienceand special effects, such as wind.

"The demand for our new Storm has been incredible since we presented it at IAAPA," said Ernest Yale, founder and CEO of Triotech.

"Key to the Storm's success is the fact that we worked closely with customers and distributors during the development and testing phase. The main ingredients are there; an amazing guest experience combined with strong ROI. This is supported by field test data showing strong earning numbers," Yale added.

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