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Gharieni's new MLX i3Dome combines three treatments in one

Gharieni, a Germany-based spa equipment supplier, has launched the Triple Detox Therapy MLX i3Dome, a new treatment table that combines Far Infrared (FIR) technology with Plasma-and Light-therapies to offer three treatment methods in one table.

Featuring an extendable infrared dome, the concept, which will officially launch at Beauty Dusseldorf on 6 March, is designed to act as a stand-alone therapy, meaning that after the guest is positioned on the table, inside the dome, no therapist is required.

The table is designed to offer the benefits of the combined therapies, which include revitalised skin, improvement in problem skin and increased collagen production, as well as boosted metabolism and the relief of physical discomfort.

"Combining FIR-, Plasma- and Light-therapies creates a truly revolutionary treatment in the wellness category," said Gharieni founder, Sammy Gharieni.

"The synergies greatly enhance and improve the already well known benefits of each therapy to create an ultra-effective treatment protocol.Visible skin rejuvenations, increase of vitality and suppleness are just a few of the incredible results obtained," he added.

The table available in two versions: Electric, which has electronically adjustable height, and Static, which is non-adjustable. The table also features storage options, while a range of upholstery and wood finishes are also available at an additional cost.

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