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Fashionizer Spa launches fabric wellness face masks

Fashionizer Spa, a supplier of high-end uniforms for spas and hotels, has temporarily ceased production on uniforms to begin producing washable fabric face masks, following a global shortage in the wake of the coronavirus.

Not intended for medical use, the masks are aimed at the general public and do not offer the same protection as surgical masks. However, they prevent the wearer from touching their nose or mouth, a key method for virus transmission.

The masks are available in a range of colours and printed designs, with the printed masks being made from a sustainable 100 per cent cotton material, while the plain colour masks are made from Fashionizer's CPF (Cotton Performance Fabric), an innovative blend of cotton, polyester and Lycra that is breathable and hypo-allergenic. They are designed to be both attractive and comfortable to wear and wash at 60°C (140°F), meaning they are safe to reuse.

They are produced in London by the Fashionizer workroom team, who are currently working at home, and a network of experienced freelance machinists with separate, clean workrooms, who would otherwise have no income during these uncertain times.

The masks are currently only available to customers in Europe and the UK but the company has plans to ship to the US.

"In the light of this unprecedented threat to lives and livelihoods, we have looked at a way to focus on the positive, preserve jobs and assist using our expertise and resources," said Debbie Leon, owner and founder of Fashionizer Spa.

"We are making our masks as fast as we can, and the first batch will be available by the end of this week [27 March]."

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