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Comfort Zone uses volcanic waters to combat cellulite

Italian skincare brand Comfort Zone has completely revamped its Body Strategist cellulite and tone range with a focus on performance and sustainability.

A standout product is the Bagni Di Montalcino Thermal Mud which has been reformulated using calcium and magnesium-rich volcanic waters from Tuscany's Castello di Velona. Comfort Zone has combined this with mandarin, orange and peppermint essential oils and brown algae to create a 'massageable', draining and reshaping mineral mud.

"Usually mud is applied and dries fast, but because our mud has an oily, gel texture, it can be massaged onto skin and remains softer for longer so it embodies Italy's traditional fango [mud] therapy but in a more pleasant way," says director of communications and education Barbara Gavazzoli. "Easy to apply and remove, it can be used at home too."

Other products in the Body Strategist range include a firming cream, an oil, a scrub, a thermogenic cream and a cryo leg gel.

In other news, Comfort Zone recently created its own hand sanitising gel – named Good Hope Gel – in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and has donated 100,000 bottles to partners, customers and charities.

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