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Lemi launches specialist hydrotherapy treatment bed

Italian wellness equipment supplier Lemi has unveiled a spa bed specially designed for hydrotherapy treatments – called Nettuno.

The Nettuno model features a seamless mattress covered in waterproof material with a face hole, and is designed with a curved shape to encourage water to flow off the bed.

The treatment table has two electrically adjustable columns which can be controlled using a remote which adjusts the bed’s height, posture, leg positioning and tilting adjustment, allowing operators to perform a range of treatments.

Matteo Brusaferri, Lemi GM, told Spa Business: “Lemi has been working with several companies in the hydrotherapy world for a long time, and from these contacts, the need became apparent for a spa bed that can also be used for wet treatments without electricity.

“Developing this product has been a wonderful challenge that our team welcomed,” he explained, “Nettuno was born from a commitment to finding the best and most cutting edge solution for wet treatments. With its waterproof mattress and its water-resistant padding, Nettuno is perfect for both the client and the therapist.”

Lemi has also created two specialist functions for the treatment bed – AUT function and END function – the former is to be used to automatically return the bed from any position to a ‘zero position’ (flat and minimum height) and the latter will provide an ‘end of treatment’ orientation.

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