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Kemitron develops multi-surface disinfectant to support spas reopening after lockdown

German spa and wellness hygiene specialist, Kemitron, has developed a versatile surface disinfectant called Desino, in response to the growing number of spa operators preparing new hygiene standards in anticipation of re-opening once lockdown eases.

Desino is effective against the Coronavirus and also protects against other viruses, as well as bacteria, fungi and algae.

As a disinfectant, it can be applied directly without dilution to a range of surfaces including plastic, leather, wood, stainless steel and metals.

Stephan Mayer-Klenk, managing director at Kemitron, said: "We’ve been active in the industry for many decades and through our customers and partners we’ve learned about the worries that the closure of the entire spa and wellness facilities has brought with it.

“We try to deal with these concerns thoroughly and find uncomplicated solutions, so we quickly adapted our formula. After all, one of the requirements after restrictions are lifted will be extensive and thorough disinfection. Fortunately, we’ve been able to maintain our supply chains so that we can still reach our customers quickly.”

The company has also announced it is developing a re-opening checklist to provide support and guidance for spas and wellness businesses as lockdown measures are eased.

Kemitron was originally founded in 1977 and began by producing and distributing
products for cleaning, water care and disinfection. More recently it has expanded its reach and now specialises in hygiene, cleaning and disinfection.

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