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Comfort Zone outlines its new safety procedures as spas start to reopen

All over the world, spas and beauty salons are progressively going back to work. Barbara Gavazzoli, Director of Communication and Education at Comfort Zone, explains the brand’s guidelines for the safety of both staff and guests.

"In this time of crisis and uncertainty, spa professionals all around the world have had to adapt their usual procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of guests when visiting the spa.

"In preparation, Comfort Zone has developed guidelines to support spas which ensure a safe and fully operational environment.

"During the lockdown, the brand responded with free online education to ensure that time spent at home could be used to upgrade professional skills. This week, it will share a webinar which will guide therapists through the new measures and through a new Sanitizing Welcome.

"In terms of specific procedures, Comfort Zone Vademecum starts with a focus on the guest journey, including indications on the booking and the safety measures to be integrated such as avoiding unnecessary crowding in the waiting area, using monodose testers and sanitising the spa room between each visit.

"For hand cleansing, the new Sanitizing Welcome will be performed in the spa room including hand sanitisation and a self-massage with the extra benefit of giving a boost to the immune system. It will include Comfort Zone Gel del Buon Auspicio – a hygiene gel formula with 65% alcohol to follow the OMS standards – followed by a few drops of the iconic Tranquillity™ Essential Oil Blend.

"The staff will wear masks, visors or glasses and gloves: a necessary outfit which will ensure safety but also create a sense of distance. This new ritual will transform the need to clean one’s hands in a moment of empathy between the spa therapist and the guest, and will help overcome the discomfort that all the new measures and protections will inevitably cause."

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