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Oakworks creates medical-grade upholstery covers to protect spa equipment from harsh disinfectants

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, spa operators are facing new challenges and having to prepare rigorous hygiene practices in order to halt the risk of spreading the virus once spas reopen.

In response, equipment manufacturer Oakworks has developed Terra Touch – a medical-grade fabric, designed to conceal and protect spa products from being spoiled by the harsh chemicals needed to safely disinfect surfaces.

According to Oakworks, most fabrics currently used in the spa industry have proven themselves incapable of withstanding strong disinfectants, with many fabrics cracking, stiffening, and shrinking, both ruining the table upholstery and its foam.

Oakworks’ new fabric passes ISO 10993 Biological Evolution of Medical Devices standards for use in medical environments – meaning that TerraTouch products are able to withstand hospital-grade disinfection – and has also passed tests for cytotoxicity, skin irritation and sensitisation.

The material is being used to create reusable, machine-washable (60C) and waterproof covers for pillows, tables and stools, along with a full line of tables and positioning accessories.

“We’ve been developing and selling medical equipment for 15 years, and we realised the knowledge we have gained needed to be focused on helping the spa industry open safely,” said Jeff Riach, CEO of Oakworks.

“Our TerraTouch fabric, which we’ve used for all our products in the medical and spa industries, holds up well to the harsh disinfectants that the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recommends for COVID-19. So, developing a line of products that can cover elements of the treatment space with this fabric makes sense.”

Equipment supplier, Spa Vision, has announced it will be acting as an international distributor for Oakworks’ TerraTouch products.

Follow this link to access Oakworks' video about its new product, hosted by Jessica Wadley, Oakworks’ VP of business development integrative health and wellness.

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