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Made for multi-center spas. Perfect for the post-COVID world

Your customers have demanding health and safety expectations as a result of COVID-19. Are you ready?

Don’t just meet new expectations, exceed them. Zenoti’s powerful technology enables your customers to use their trusted mobile devices to intuitively connect with your brand, assuring safety and convenience at every interaction. By reducing unnecessary touch while ensuring exceptional convenience, Zenoti empowers your brand to turn ordinary interactions into memorable experiences.

During booking, your guests reserve appointments for large groups or couples seamlessly. Mix-and-match preferences are made easy – your guests can customize group experiences with just a few clicks of a button. Before visiting, your customers complete digital forms – from intake to specialized consent forms – on their mobile devices before their appointments. They avoid commonly touched surfaces at check-in, while saving you valuable time.

With Zenoti’s secure two-way texting capabilities, your employees can message appointment updates to guests, allowing them to arrive just in time for their service – no waiting required. Upon arrival, customers auto check-in from their mobile devices, just by entering your doors. Service providers receive immediate arrival notifications, helping your customers maintain social distancing measures. After service, customers pay, tip, rate, and rebook from their mobile devices. No need for your customers or employees to touch common surfaces. It’s unprecedented convenience at your guests’ fingertips.

"I’ve run a spa and salon business before, and I have a deep passion for making guests feel good about themselves so they can go into the world and do great things," says Zenoti CEO Sudheer Koneru. "That’s why I’m so committed to ensuring that our company and our employees are doing all that we can to help our industry through the COVID-19 crisis."

Find out why MGM Resorts – and other leading spa brands – trust Zenoti to power their over 10,000 spa locations around the world.

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