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Water Soul: ocean-concious sustainable sun care

Comfort Zone, the Italian skin care brand of the Davines group, a certified B Corporation, has introduced three new products to Water Soul, its ocean-conscious sustainable sun care line.

First launching with the Eco Sun Cream SPF 30 in 2018, this month, the brand introduced the new Eco Sun Cream SPF 50, Eco Shower Gel, and Aloe Gel for after sun care. The line, inspired by Comfort Zone’s strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, is dedicated to a new generation of solar protection and after-sun care that guarantees effective protection of the skin, while ensuring minimum impact on the aquatic environment.

The accumulation of sun filters into the ocean is an increasingly serious and evident threat to marine biodiversity with 4,000 to 6,000 tons of sunscreen released into the ocean each year. Aware that the use of sun care is necessary to protect the skins health, Comfort Zone chose to use eco-friendly sun filter types in these formulations which are free from oxybenzone, octocrylene, octinoxate, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. In the cleansing formula, the formula ensures an optimal biodegradability that is free from sulphates.

The Eco Sun Cream SPF 30 and new SPF 50 have reduced filter concentrations compared to the same traditional SPFs, very water-resistant formulas (up to 80 minutes), and photostable filters of large dimensions to ensure the dispersion and accumulation of filters into the ocean is significantly reduced.

In the after sun, the new highly biodegradable ECO SHOWER GEL for body and hair with natural surfactants from olive and corn, and the refreshing and soothing ALOE GEL to calm and hydrate skin after sun exposure.

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