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Lahti Sauna Produkte launches portable disinfectant spray for steamrooms and saunas

German sauna specialist, Lahti Sauna Produkte, has unveiled a new range of cleaning products designed specifically for steamrooms and saunas.

Named Hygienia, the collection features three non-toxic products including a sprayable surface disinfectant, air disinfectant used for nebulising rooms and a hand sanitiser.

The sprayable disinfectant allows the surfaces in steamrooms and saunas to easily and quickly be disinfected using a portable sprayer, and in addition, the product doesn’t require any wiping after it has been sprayed.

All products feature Lahti’s new Hygienia disinfectant blend which contains no alcohol and is claimed to be ideal to use on timber in saunas.

According to the company, the USPs of the range consist of an ability to reduce germs by 99.995 per cent as well as the products being able to be used without protective clothing, being skin-friendly and easy to transport and store.

According to Lahti: “Safe disinfection is the most important part of a functioning hygiene concept. In addition to effective protection against COVID-19 and other viruses, skin tolerance is a key factor in choosing the right disinfectant, which is why Hygienia is produced in harmony with nature and is compatible with the skin, eyes and mucous membranes.”

Werner Dosiertechnik (WDT) is the exclusive distributor for Europe and the UK.

MD of WDT, Rainer Rieger, spoke to Spa Business about the new launch: “In a COVID-19 landscape, the necessary hygiene concepts for wellness facilities aren’t achievable with common disinfection methods, which is why we believed this was the right time to launch the Hygienia range.”

The hand disinfectant is available in 0.1 or 0.5-litre spray bottles or in a five-litre canister, while the Hygienia PRO Disinfectant spray for surfaces comes in the form of a canister, ranging between 10 to 1000 litres.

Lahti’s Hygienia PRO Air Disinfectant is available in a selection of canisters sizes ranging between 50 and 200-litre, or in IBC, 600 to 1000-litre capacity.

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