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Carbon Trainer raises the bar in strength training with next-generation AI Fitness Mirror

Carbon, creators of the first AI-powered at-home fitness mirror that tracks workouts, announces the launch of Carbon Trainer.

By using AI and 3D-motion tracking technology, Carbon Trainer measures and shares progress, plans and automates workouts and connects users with friends in the fitness community, as well as elite trainers to deliver real results – all from home.

Carbon Trainer is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts that want to focus on building strength, conditioning and mobility from home, without having to compromise their fitness goals.

Wireless sensors allow connectivity to dumbbells, kettlebells, or plates, and unlocks even more granular tracking data, while a far-field microphone allows people to interact with Carbon Trainer via voice-commands and high-quality speakers.

The mirror can also connect to heart rate monitors or fitness watches to track heart rate, conveniently displayed on the screen.

After each session, Carbon Trainer learns and tailors the next workout to maximise results while accounting for recovery time.

“I spent years and endless money on expensive equipment and gym memberships, while also trying to keep myself accountable and track my own workouts. Over time I realised I wasn't the only one who was tired of having to compromise my fitness when life gets in the way,” said Sami Asikainen, Carbon co-founder and CEO.

“As a team of passionate PTs, fitness enthusiasts, and CrossFitters, we designed Carbon Trainer to be as effective and motivating as having your own trainer, but without the cost. We knew it needed to push you through your toughest moments - all from your home.”

Carbon Trainer is claimed to be the first fitness mirror system that caters to strength, HIIT, and conditioning enthusiasts that are looking for more than just another cardio or resistance bands focused workout from home.

From strength and resistance training to CrossFit style workouts, conditioning, mobility, and even yoga, there’s no limit to what Carbon can track, coach, and optimise for results.

The fitness mirror acts as a personal professional fitness coach, all while delivering bespoke workouts, as well as daily live and on-demand classes.

It is designed to provide a frictionless way to train with intelligent tracking, custom programming and a community to keep users accountable for results that matter.

Learn more about the Carbon Trainer here.

Carbon Trainer Fitness System is a product of Elo Labs Inc., an interactive fitness technology company that focuses on helping people reach their fitness goals in the modern world.

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