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Myzone kicks off #WorkOutToHelpOut campaign

In response to the UK government’s Eat Out To Help Out scheme, Myzone has launched the Work Out To Help Out campaign.

Just as the Eat Out To Help Out scheme is designed to rouse the public to support the hospitality sector, Myzone’s initiative aims to empower people to invest in their personal health and fitness in order to fight the virus.

With fears of a second wave looming, the company believes it’s imperative people guard against COVID-19 by taking control of their health, especially because it’s well-known that being overweight and unfit puts people at greater risk of serious illness or death from the virus.

Therefore, Myzone believes the fitness sector is uniquely placed to help individuals fight the disease by improving their physical and mental health and boosting their immune system through regular physical activity.

“In these difficult and uncertain times, exercise has the power to make us feel good. It makes us happy, it improves our confidence, it reduces anxiety and stress, and above all, it keeps us socially connected,” said David Stalker, Myzone CEO - EMEA.

“This is our time to step up, prove our worth and the vital role we can play in safeguarding the public health and the future of our sector.”

According to the company, the industry has the knowledge, skills and expertise to guide and support people at whatever stage of the fitness journey they may find themselves.

Myzone can help to provide the tools and technology to allow them to engage in activity however and wherever they want to exercise, be that in its facilities, at home or in the great outdoors.

With the government and health experts urging the public to lose weight and get fit to protect against COVID-19, Myzone sees an opportunity for the industry to step up and help people to make potentially life-saving changes in the face of this global pandemic.

Click here to grab yourself some Work Out To Help Out assets and join Myzone in helping to share the movement.

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