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New Divine Eyes heated eye masks help ease tired eyes, headaches and stress

The natural ingredients in the new Divine Eyes masks gently heat up as they come into contact with the air and remain warm for up to 25 minutes. The effect, combined with the lavender scent the masks are infused with, speeds up the feeling of relaxation and make them a great takeaway spa retail item.

Or they could be used to boost anti-ageing treatments as the heat is said to help the skin better absorb eye serums and creams.

“In this age of high technology many of us are spending long hours staring at the computer or mobile phone screens,” explains founder, Clare Anderson, “We also work longer hours and get fewer hours sleep than previous generations. All this leads to our eyes and mind in need of some revitalising.”

Anderson created the masks to help alleviate a range of health and beauty conditions including dry and tired eyes, headaches, insomnia and stress and already counts top UK spas such as those at Hoar Cross Hall, Stoke Park and Danesfield House as clients.

A Divine Eyes box, priced at £21 (US$27 €23), includes seven masks and an 85-minute crystal sound healing music track. It’s distributed by Anderson’s company, Sensory Retreats, which also supplies heated Lava Shells massage tools across the country.

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