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Converting members in January has never been so simple with Volution’s new Lead Generation tool

Volution – the leading data solutions specialist for the fitness industry – has launched a Lead Generation tool that enables operators to harness the power of mobile technology and cloud-based infrastructure to streamline sales.

Even before the pandemic, managing the prospect-to-member journey was a challenge but, in today’s landscape, it demands even more focus to avoid missing out on the 12 per cent of gym members that join in January, as identified by IHRSA.

According to a report by ClubIntel, just 10 per cent of operators globally have seen all of their members (100 per cent) return post-lockdown, meaning it’s time to break the mould of what’s been done previously and adopt a new model to ensure no stone is left unturned to acquire and maintain members.

By combining website lead capture, social media integration, and automated messaging, the Volution Lead Generation tool tracks where prospects come from, seamlessly integrating with the operator’s existing platforms and subscription software to completely manage the member sales journey.

Bespoke to each operator, its audience and goals, this makes the whole process more efficient and improves conversion rates.

“With our Lead Generation tool, operators have even more data and insights on each member because they’ve been on a seamless journey the moment they first made contact with the facility,” said Andy Hall, Volution COO.

“With more information on how they became a member in the first place, the operator is better placed to map out their journey moving forward to boost their lifetime value.”

Collating and analysing the data within the Lead Generation tool is a multi-tiered reporting system that shows both local and global sales for individual clubs and syndicates, enabling operators and their sales teams to see which lead sources produce the most traffic and are the most effective.

Aspects of the conversion journey can even be gamified to motivate sales teams, such as digital badges being earnt and lost. The “Chatterbox” badge, for example, could be awarded to the person who has made the most calls that week/month, with a different title given to the person with the best sales ratio.

For more information about how the Volution Lead Generation tool could transform your member sales, visit Volution's website.

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