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Thalion’s brightening range rejuvenates skin and targets imperfections

Thalion, a French product house specialising in marine skincare, has updated its Thali White skincare range, dedicated to brightening, rejuvenating and smoothing the skin.

The collection now features Skin Tone Correcting Serum, Skin Tone Brightening Fluid, Skin Tone Brightening Cream, Brightening Radiance Lotion and Radiance Cleansing Milk.

Thali White has been developed to target marks on the skin, stains, hyperpigmentation and fading, as well as to rejuvenate complexion and texture, using a combination of exfoliation to stimulate cell regeneration and hydration.

The formula’s star ingredients consist of vitamin C and a patented active ingredient, Pylawhite – an extract from a macro-seaweed which is the product of extensive research by Thalion Laboratories.

According to Thalion, the range produces both smoother skin and complexion, with an added luminosity and youthful plumpness.

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