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Tara Spa Therapy unveils refreshed spa collection designed to tackle everyday health concerns

After 25 years of operation, holistic spa and wellness product house and equipment supplier, Tara Spa Therapy, has unveiled the new evolution of its legacy brand, TARA.

The collection features organic and eco-conscious treatment and personal care products designed to support immune system resilience and wellbeing.

Designed with a new eco-luxury look, the TARA range features over 21 oils blended into a range of combinations that form the basis of solutions-orientated products which target everyday health concerns.

These include CALM for stress relief; REST for sleep and deep relaxation; RENEW for restoring depleted energy; BALANCE for centring and grounding; LOVE for nourishing and nurturing; RECOVER or soothing muscles and joints; DETOX for cleansing and purifying; and IMMUNE BOOST for supporting immune resilience.

“Now, more than ever before, maintaining and sustaining vital wellbeing is essential,” said Tara Grodjesk, founder and president of Tara Spa, “Wellness lifestyle programmes and self-care rituals must be at the core of our daily practice.”

The blends have been rolled out across seven of Tara Spa's therapy collections, including Aroma Wellness, Bath Therapy, CBD, Skin Therapy, Herbal-Ease Pillows and Packs, Sun Restore and TARA’s Ayurvedic Rituals.

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