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Cariitti Oy launches sleek digital heat and humidity sauna meter

Aspectu is a new discreet sauna heat and humidity meter designed by Finnish spa and wellness engineers, Cariitti Oy.

The stylish yet practical sauna meter is formed of a wooden panel equipped with LED lights that projects heat and humidity readings onto the sauna wall.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with a sleek design, the panel can be discreetly planted and concealed behind sauna wall panels.

Aspectu is designed to be compatible with Cariitti’s TAIVE sauna collection products, with its panel part available in the same colours as the TAIVE wall panel – six colour options are available, made with Supi Sauna Wax to protect the wood’s surface from moisture and dirt.

“Our very first prototype of Aspectu with only the thermometer display was introduced at the industry event Interbad 2018, and we collected valuable feedback from visitors,” explained Peter Ruokonen,
MD Cariitti Oy.

“Since then, we’ve worked hard and conducted a lot of testing and development, especially on the heat resistance of the sensitive technical components, and now we’ve launched the first version of Aspectu with the Taive wall panel.

“Looking ahead, we’re also planning to launch a second version of Aspectu built in a wooden frame, which can be surface mounted on the sauna wall.”

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