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Afrodite software offers touchless guest experiences and hyper-personalised wellness services

Afrodite Wellness Management Software by Eurotel Hospitality is a Greek management application for wellness, beauty and fitness business.

The advanced software solution is tailored to the business needs of all aspects of wellness management.

Afrodite allows businesses to efficiently organise their work by ensuring the management of all functions and resources while promoting overall business growth.

In addition, the software is a key tool for business operators, as it ensures a great customer experience and builds trust – thanks to a detailed customer record – for the purpose of maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.

Afrodite comprises several modules, each specially designed for a particular function or need.

With the addition of Online Booking and Online Registration Form capacities, the customer is given the opportunity to search for the wellness service that interests him/her and to make a reservation at the time and day he wishes and digitally personalize their wellness experience.

Using dynamic and interactive tools, the software is easy to use, allocates resources in a swift flexible manner and delivers detailed reports, thus ensuring a unique competitive edge for users while maximising customer satisfaction.

Afrodite offers a host of features, including:
- Fully integrated web API
- Web reporting tool
- Advance invoicing
- Appointment booking
- Multi-pricing
- Product inventory
- Activity dashboard
- Automated email communication
- Advanced touchless tools, including online registration forms and online bookings

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ΣOUL TAILORΣ, a wellness design company and member of Eurotel group, supplies Afrodite and prides itself on merging technology with wellness.

Stavros Mavridis, GM of ΣOUL TAILORΣ, said: “In the wellness industry there is an acceleration towards high touch - high tech and a focus on restorative intelligence experiences that will support human’s health over the years to come.

“At Eurotel, we create the products and synergies to support this shift.”

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