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AskNicely helps empower businesses to improve customer experience and boost NPS

Maintaining a consistent customer experience is critical to the success of a growing B2C service brand.

For the spa and wellness industry, improving customer experience can be tricky as managers can’t always observe all interactions between therapists and customers.

Each time the customer experience is not polished and memorable, money gets left on the table, and ultimately, a negative customer experience can be costly for a growing brand.

In response, customer experience software provider, AskNicely, has developed a turnkey solution to help businesses achieve a competitive advantage by harnessing customer feedback and coaching frontline workers to deliver a consistent customer experience.

“We believe growth is driven by awesome experiences created by motivated people” says CEO Aaron Ward.

AskNicely connects real-time customer feedback with all your teams, systems and processes, based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) framework. Track any customer experience metric including NPS, 5-Star, CSAT or Customer Effort Score. Close the loop with your customers and encourage them to leave reviews on Facebook and Google to attract new customers.

Empower your frontline teams to view their own customer experience score, access coaching and development, receive recognition from their peers and provide suggestions to management on how to improve the customer experience all from within the AskNicely mobile app.

For B2C service businesses, AskNicely offers a myriad of benefits, ranging from repeat visits and positive word of mouth to client referrals and improved employee retention.

AskNicely can be set-up within minutes and there are packages to accommodate any sized business. For more information, follow this link and to watch AskNicely’s video about what’s on offer, click here.

For best practices on improving the customer experience check out the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Powered Businesses.

To sign up for your free trial now, follow this link and to watch AskNicely’s video about what’s on offer, click here.

For those looking for detailed advice on how to improve customer experience and boost NPS, head to AskNicely's official blog.

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