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Tylö’s new infrared sauna evenly envelopes users in soothing heat

Sauna specialist Tylö – of the TylöHelo group – has created a new infrared sauna range, named T series.

Infrared sauna is well known in the industry as an effective recovery and relaxation modality, penetrating heat deep into the body and muscles using infrared waves.

Tylö has created four infrared models – suitable for either one, two, two to three or three users – all of which offer a rapid heat-up time and use minimal energy and electricity.

The sauna’s infrared heaters are integrated within wall panels with even heater surface area and wattage, designed to provide enveloping heat from all sides.

“Infrared is currently really hot in the industry, even if it’s been around for many years,” said Hanna-Louise Widberg, TylöHelo group brand and marketing manager.

“The cabins are really stylish and can be easily installed and customised with either a grey or black cloth in the infrared panels.

“Tylö’s technology is one of the best and safest infrared options on the market,” she concluded.

Operated via an internal control panel, the new range features a built-in bluetooth speaker – with options to integrate Siri, Alexa or Google voice control, curved seats for comfortable seating, infrared flooring and chromotherapy back-lighting for an added therapeutic element.

The sauna’s exterior surfaces are finished with biodegradable wood treatment, for a luxurious look and for protection to allow for easy maintenance.

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