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Urb’n Nature launches sustainable wooden room key cards

Urb'n Nature, a skincare brand owned by The Organic Spa Company, offers a Zero Waste collection with products to help spas and hotels reduce their carbon footprints and plastic waste.

With this in mind, it has created a wooden eco-friendly room key card to help negate the thousands of plastic room cards lost or dumped every year into the ocean or at landfills.

All biodegradable cards contain an RFID chip or a magnetic stripe which are compatible with all significant hotel lock and access control systems.

A variety of customisations are available to accommodate branding and design requirements, ranging from stamped detail and an ink finish to a laser-printed engraving.

The wooden key cards are durable, reusable, and easy to disinfect with Zerowaste by Urb’n Nature’s small UV radiation cubicle.

The brand offers a range of eco-material room-keys and finishes, including FSC-certified bamboo, beech, birch, cherry, oak, pine, maple, walnut or PPH Cards (compressed wood fibre pulp) materials.

Find out more from Zerowaste by Urb’n Nature online, here.

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