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New water wall from Tills Innovations aims to boost ambience and wellbeing

Water feature specialists Tills Innovations has revealed a new style of water wall feature which it believes will be a fitting addition to spas.

The USP of the AquaVeil is an architectural wall of metal mesh which creates a mesmerising embossed effect as water flows down it.

“Whether it’s a smaller feature in a private garden or a large piece in a public space, water features have an incredible way of helping us let go of stress and relax,” says company director Mike Tillett.

He added that he believes every water wall is like a ‘refined work of art’ that enhances its surroundings like an extraordinary painting or sculpture.

AquaVeil can be made to any size or shape and be free-standing or integrated into walls and ceilings.

It’s also been designed with an advanced filtration system, water treatment solutions and options for automatic water top-up and drain-down for maintenance.

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